Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Karen and Joe's Throw out Bobby Flay

I decided to test out my almond butter with a banana. It was pretty good. The almond butter is really really sticky. I have been enjoying it on my whole grain english muffins for breakfast at work.
So my friend got a new house so we had a mini housewarmning over at her place this past weekend. Another one of my good friends was also in town. I decided to pull out my new Martha Stewart Cupcakes book and whip up some tasty treats :) I made the Tres Leches cupcakes with cool whip and cinnamon on top. Look at the 3 milk mixture just sitting there. Its hard to believe that all that milk soaks into the cupcake. The cupcake had a very interesting texture. I am not sure if I was a fan or not, but my friends really seemed to like them!
I also made Marble Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting.. yum, I think these were my favorite. You can't go to girls night without chocolate!

As you know Joe and I LOVE Tasty Tacos!! So we have been trying to make homemade Tasty Tacos for while now. On The Food Network, Bobby Flay has that show where he challenges cooks that have mastered a certain signature dish. So one of the episodes we happened to catch was the Puffy Taco Throw Down. We went out and bought the Maseca that Bobby used and attempted to make the puffy tacos. They were not really what we were looking for but still good. It was like a very fresh corn tortilla, we decided we need to be using flour for sure. So for now that is 2 attempts (we have tried a different recipe before) with many more to come, until we figure it out :) And I think Bobby might have us beat on Puffy Tacos.... my tacos didn't really puff too much.

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