Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sooo I am a sucker for new things (at least new to me). Therefore, I now have a Twitter account. Still trying to figure it out, but thats half the fun right?!

  • I am sick :(
  • My apartment is 65 degrees!! But slowly getting warmer, we had a few nice days and I turned off the heat, and forgot to turn it back on.
  • I just had cold pizza for lazy to get anything else
  • I am feeling stupid because I can't figure out Twitter on my phone

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Yay..its here...Ok to be honest, I am not sure who is playing...all I know is that Kurt Warner is from Iowa (or something like that) and he plays on one of the teams...last I knew he was on The Rams (but Joe informed me he was traded).

But still a good reason to get together with Buffalo Chicken Dip and Bean Dip are ready to go!

Did you know that the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most common days for people to call in sick (per Jackie). I will not be doing that since I had this conversation with my boss on Friday after work...and Mom and Dad brought me up with such strong morals. Thanks Mom and Dad. :)