Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy 10 Days...

Well its been a interesting busy 10 days since my last post...Here's a breakdown:

  • First paying cake job is under my belt :)
  • Had a great Father's Day dinner with mom and dad. We had Biaggi's to go and I made German Chocolate cupcakes. YUM!
  • Work, work, work... a lot these past few weeks. Tons of new clients/programs at work, so busy times for us. Should be dying down starting in July as I am going to decrease my paper audits so I can focus more on phone audits. Well I guess that means I won't be slowing down since I am getting rid of work but adding work to replace it...hmmmmm
  • My computer kept acting took it in and turns out it qualifies for Best Buys 'no lemon' policy (part of my warranty) More to come on this, will be getting a new computer shortly.
  • Minor car accident with a 92 year old man. Not my fault.
  • I think its going to be a HOT summer!!!
  • Joe and I have been dating for 9 years this month!!
  • Joe and I had a 'super' date last night - basically we fit 2-3 dates into one....dinner, art festival, tropical snow and a movie... all in one night...and that was after I worked 10 hours...
Well just wanted to fit in another mini post...more to come later :)

July 3, 2009 update!
  • I got my new computer... I ended up with a Dell. I was very very pleased with Best Buy's service and my warranty!!! This computer cost about $300 less than my Gateway but about 5x better, amazing what 3 years of technology will do.
  • Joe's insurance agent said that the man that hit me is at fault for the accident. But has been M.I.A so they can't get things settled yet :( I guess his agent and Joe's agent need to talk to him before finalizing fault.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paying Job (for real this time)

Ok, I know I have blogged in the past that I have a paying baking job...well all of them have always fallen through or have been pro bono. Yesterday I finally got to use my Giant Cupcake pan that I have been dying to try. I took my final product to work and one of my co-workers wants one for her husband's Birthday this weekend. I have a good feeling about this job (I think it will actually happen and I think currency will exchange hands!).

Making the liner was easy, thanks to this great blog I ran across the other day, Oh Sugar! Her stuff is amazing and she had great instructions on how to make the candy liner.

Baking the cake however took FOREVER!! But it finally got done. Since it baked so long I was really worried the cake would be dry. I did have a slice today and it wasn't dry at all :)

I made a 3 layer cake and stuck with Devil's Food chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream with simple colored jimmies sprinkles on top. My co-worker liked it so much, she want the exact same thing for this weekend.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Its Blooming Cookies!!!

I tried my first attempt at a cookie bouquet this weekend. I used the same cookie recipe I always use (thanks Darlene) but experimented with royal frosting and flooding. I think I still prefer my old icing recipe but I enjoyed using the new flooding technique...looks like I will have to make some more cookies to experiment with :)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Well...finally had a minute to relax tonight and get my (last) weekend documented. Last weekend was busy, I had Friday and Monday off but filled it with plenty of events and running around. Saturday with Joe's Birthday and we went over to Dave and Amy's and grilled out with the family. Joe is not much of a cake person, so I made a apple crumb pie and got some vanilla ice cream, YUM. Then we were off to Owen's last BamBam Ball game.

Sunday was my family reunion/Grandma's 92nd and John's 98th Birthday!!! I made the Birthday cake and am proud to say, it was my best one yet :) It was not lopsided and it was actually round! I did lemon with lemon buttercream and raspberry preserves. I also picked up some of my favorite cupcakes from Carefree Patisserie.

See pics all pics here.
Monday I spent studying for my INS 22 exam, which I am happy to say I PASSED, whew... So for a short week, it was a long week with plenty of making up work and meetings.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Molly!

Joe and I went to Molly's 2nd Birthday party on Saturday. It was a great morning/afternoon spent with family. Click here to view all the pics from that day.