Friday, June 12, 2009


Well...finally had a minute to relax tonight and get my (last) weekend documented. Last weekend was busy, I had Friday and Monday off but filled it with plenty of events and running around. Saturday with Joe's Birthday and we went over to Dave and Amy's and grilled out with the family. Joe is not much of a cake person, so I made a apple crumb pie and got some vanilla ice cream, YUM. Then we were off to Owen's last BamBam Ball game.

Sunday was my family reunion/Grandma's 92nd and John's 98th Birthday!!! I made the Birthday cake and am proud to say, it was my best one yet :) It was not lopsided and it was actually round! I did lemon with lemon buttercream and raspberry preserves. I also picked up some of my favorite cupcakes from Carefree Patisserie.

See pics all pics here.
Monday I spent studying for my INS 22 exam, which I am happy to say I PASSED, whew... So for a short week, it was a long week with plenty of making up work and meetings.

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dkamfam said...

Your cake turned out great and it looks like you had a lot of family together. Good times!