Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pictures as promised

What does pink sugar, giant sprinkles, mountains of powder sugar equal...GIANT PINK CUPCAKE!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giant Cupcake for the Cure

Everyone should go to Ephemera on Saturday October 24!!! Why?? Check our their blog Good News #3. I am going to make a giant pink cupcake and whoever donates the mosts money will get go check out their store and get a cupcake!!!

Giant cupcake will have a pink vanilla liner with strawberry cake inside! Pics to come!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Comfort Food

This morning I started my day off right with a 3 shot Americano (3 espresso shots, hot water, splash of milk, 1 splenda and splash of sugar free vanilla syrup). It was great...and I didn't even need any coffee at work.

Last night I prepped my Real Simple Chicken Pot Pie and did everything except add my pie crust top. When I got home tonight from work, put on the crust and popped it in the oven. The result...delish!! And other than the crust I think it was pretty healthy. I used skim milk, veggies and boiled chicken breast. If you look at the recipe, I did change a few things. Instead of dry white wine I used chicken broth and changed the veggies a bit. I served it with flakey buscuits...ahhh so good. Perfect for tonights chilly weather.

Here are my "grown up" plate. I packed up my old chipped college plates and put my new beautiful plates on the shelf. These are the large dinner plate, I have raincheck for the smaller salad plates. I got 12 plates and 8 more green ramekins from World Market for $21!! Rediculous!!! That was with my 25% off coupon but still, $19.99 is the normal price, you can't beat that. The 12 salads plates are only $16.99. They are so simple, perfect for me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh and FYI

As you can see in my last post I have issues with spacing and format (all the time) in Blogger so I have a Wordpress site I am working on getting going for the new year. I know thats a few months away. But I can't fix the spacing in my last me I have tried about 5 times. And it DRIVES ME CRAZY, call it OCD, call it control issues, whatever it is...drives me nuts! So come January...Hello Wordpress!!!

Missing in Action

Its been a busy busy month or 2...thats why I  have been MIA for so long. Lets see what have I been up to?

  • work (of course)

  • KC trip! Go State - too bad we lost by 1 pt! Boulevard tour!!! Fun!!
  • sick for the first few weeks of Sept. (still fighting off my cough!!)
  • few dinners out with friends
  • more work
  • Owen soccer game
  • some birthdays
  • little shopping
  • OUCH flu shot at work this arm still hurts :( I am such a wimp.
Last nights meal was pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries and sweet corn!! Yum, it was great! I am proud of myself, after eating out most of Sept, I cooked Mon-Wed this week.

Tonights meal wasn't homemade but it was very inexpensive! $1 all you can eat Chili at guess what, tonight was really chilly and Chili was the perfect meal and it tasted great!

I think I am going to be very grown up this weekend and get some new plates. I went to World Market this week for a gift and found these ramekins for me!! Only $2.99 for 4 of them...and in one of my favorite colors. Time to get rid of my chipped flowery plates that I got when I went to college...uhhhh 9 years ago! I think I am going to get some simple white plates.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever?

ME!!! Wow... I have been MIA...but I will be back :) Just not right I need to sleep...