Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paying Job (for real this time)

Ok, I know I have blogged in the past that I have a paying baking job...well all of them have always fallen through or have been pro bono. Yesterday I finally got to use my Giant Cupcake pan that I have been dying to try. I took my final product to work and one of my co-workers wants one for her husband's Birthday this weekend. I have a good feeling about this job (I think it will actually happen and I think currency will exchange hands!).

Making the liner was easy, thanks to this great blog I ran across the other day, Oh Sugar! Her stuff is amazing and she had great instructions on how to make the candy liner.

Baking the cake however took FOREVER!! But it finally got done. Since it baked so long I was really worried the cake would be dry. I did have a slice today and it wasn't dry at all :)

I made a 3 layer cake and stuck with Devil's Food chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream with simple colored jimmies sprinkles on top. My co-worker liked it so much, she want the exact same thing for this weekend.

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Chris said...

Nice work Sis.

That giant cupcake looks amazing!