Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grande Finale

Well as August comes to an end...another fun birthday month wraps up....The grande finale this year was with my girlfriends for spa day at East Village Spa. There were plenty of massages and pedi's to keep us happy and relaxed. This was such a fun place for a get together. They were very accomadating and friendly. We ordered in lunch from Jason's Deli to be delivered. It was there before we got there! Talk about prompt great service. We ate, talked and laughed, got our spa services, then CAKE!!! YUM....Fresh Strawberry Cake from Let Them Eat Cake in Valley Junction. Yes it was as good as it sounds. No there is none left...sorry.
My girlfriends are CrAzY and I love them...they got me a Tiffany's bracelet for my birthday...ah there is nothing more fun than undoing the white ribbon of a Tiffany's box :) Makes me happy (ok sorry my superficial side was just was totally exposed, but really c'mon its fun).

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dkamfam said...

Wow, you had an AWESOME birthday month! And I didn't even wish you a happy birthday when I saw you - SORRY! Lexi loves the pots & pans, and so did her friends today at her party.