Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Chicago Style

So it was my Birthday! Joe and I hit the road with Holly and Jess and headed to Chicago on Friday to visit Stacie and Marcus. We got in pretty late so after some talking we all went to bed so we could get up early. Saturday, Joe and I had tickets to the Cubs game. Boy was it HOT!! We both got a little sun...and some free visors...how fun!

Holly, Jess and Stacie went out on a sail boat on Lake Michigan for the Boat and Air Show (jealous!). After the game we met up with them and went to Millenium Park. I had been wanting to go to see Cloud Gate...the bean!!! After that we headed over to Lou Malnati's Pizzeria for some delish Chicago Style deep dish 'za...YUM so good...sorry no pics because we gobbled it up!!

It was a super fun weekend!! I had a great time with some great friends...a perfect way to celebrate. Notice the Fisheye made an appearance this weekend,

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