Monday, July 27, 2009

Baking Frenzy

Well, I got some new books that I am really excited about. I picked up 3 books that I have been really wanting at the 1/2 Price Book Store. What a GREAT deal, they were only about $35 for all 3. As far as I can tell, they were new. I got Martha Stewart Cookies, William Sonoma (a baking book), and Hello Cupcake. I went to go buy Martha Stewart Cupcakes there but they didn't have it, so unfortunately I bought it for full price at Barnes and Noble. Not that I wouldn't buy it for full price but 1/2 price is so fun.

This weekend Joe and I went to Dave and Amy's for Jared's going away (he is going to Japan for a year) and Joe's Grandma Velma's 95th Birthday!! Let me repeat that 95! Velma really likes Coconut Cream Pie, so I went out to and found one that I liked. I think it turned out pretty well and no one complained. I didn't make my own crust, I used the Pillsbury refrigerated crust that is already rolled out. I LOVED it! Totally using that every time from now on for any pie I make. I did make the inside cream part and it went pretty well, I always get nervous when I have to mix eggs on the stove top. I don't want to serve scrambled eggs ;)

I did have one tiny little mishap... who knew coconut burned so easily?? I was trying to toast the coconut for the top of my pie and this is the result :)

Velma really likes Oatmeal Cookies too, so for part of her gift I made some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, another good recipe from They were pretty good, but I think I remember my mom's recipe being a little more moist, I will just have to find it.
Healthy eating has been going ok... 2 weeks strong. This weekend I did eat pretty bad though. I had some corn shells in the fridge from a while back so I fried them up, grilled some chicken, diced some tomatoes for pico and had a mexican feast.

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