Saturday, May 9, 2009


I finally got to planting my flowers this weekend. I keep several pots on my deck during the summer. I didn't do my upside-down tomato plant grower this year or herbs. Those didn't go so well last year so I thought I would forget about it. Maybe again sometime...Oh and don't ask me what any of these flowers are...because I don't know.

Considering that I had no plans this weekend I was pretty busy! The weather has been I have been running around playing outside (golf, tennis and dog park). I made it to the Des Moines Farmers Market today, got some beautiful Lilacs, my favorite breakfast burrito and an eggroll.

I started my golf lessons at Willow Creek on Monday, May 4th. They were great fun and I really learned a lot. Unfortunately, I must have forgotten all of it because today I didn't golf so well. Good thing I have more lessons to come!

I also started my Wilton cake decorating class on Tuesday, May 4th. We didn't get to start decorating yet, but we will be this coming Tuesday. I have to make a cake, frost it and bring it to class to play with. It will be my first time using buttercream and smoothing out the frosting like a professional cake! I can't wait to see how it goes. Everyone at work was excited to hear I was taking the class because that means they get a cake every Wednesday!! Oh and PS: After reading the buttercream recipe, I have decided that buttercream = bad for you, but tastes soooo good.

Whats new with me?
  • I just noticed that my new hobby golf really leaves me with some horrible ugly tan lines...booo
  • My friend Sherry and I got our first PAYING baking job. We are making 10 dozen cookies for a graduation at the end of May. I did a wedding a few years back, but it was my wedding gift to the bride, so not sure if that counts for not.
  • I am going to try to keep my deck plants alive past August this year...I will just need to remember to water them.

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