Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet Endings..

I had my last class from Wilton Course #1 on Tuesday night :( We learned how to do the "Wilton" rose. This time I did chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream in the middle, with vanilla buttercream on the outside. I know it might seem like A LOT of frosting in the middle...but it actually was the perfect amount. I was very proud because I finally got a tall looking cake. It was still a little lopsided...but tasted great anyways!!

I think I will enroll in the next class, everyone at work is disappointed because although its a 4 week class I only make one cake for my final.

I am really EXCITED to use my new Giant Cupcake pan. I am going to make a practice cake this weekend with it and then make one for real for my G'ma Birthday.

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