Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gangs of New York

So I just saw a commercial for the movie Gangs of New York, I guess it's going to be on tv soon. It reminds me when it first came out in the theaters. I went to go see it with Joe, Jon and some other friends at the NOVA (the discount theater). Tickets were only $5 or so, and came with a pop and popcorn. Nice and cheap with my college budget! We get all settled to watch our movie, and all of a sudden the film starts melting and burning up!! It was crazy to watch on the big screen. This happens about 4 times, so we finally give up. Everyone is in line to get their money back so we wait too. Joe and I get our money with no problem. Then Jon gets there and they look at him and say, "You ate your popcorn you don't get a full refund." Poor Jon!! Everyone else ate their popcorn and got a full refund! I still have never seen the movie either, I guess nows my chance.

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Chris said...

Pretty good movie. I never really spent much time thinking about early 19th century NYC and what it was like. Doesn't look too pleasant.

I think I got a 13 on the first hole of golf I ever played which was at Terrace Hills. It only gets better from there. Thankfully.