Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Comfort Food

This morning I started my day off right with a 3 shot Americano (3 espresso shots, hot water, splash of milk, 1 splenda and splash of sugar free vanilla syrup). It was great...and I didn't even need any coffee at work.

Last night I prepped my Real Simple Chicken Pot Pie and did everything except add my pie crust top. When I got home tonight from work, put on the crust and popped it in the oven. The result...delish!! And other than the crust I think it was pretty healthy. I used skim milk, veggies and boiled chicken breast. If you look at the recipe, I did change a few things. Instead of dry white wine I used chicken broth and changed the veggies a bit. I served it with flakey buscuits...ahhh so good. Perfect for tonights chilly weather.

Here are my "grown up" plate. I packed up my old chipped college plates and put my new beautiful plates on the shelf. These are the large dinner plate, I have raincheck for the smaller salad plates. I got 12 plates and 8 more green ramekins from World Market for $21!! Rediculous!!! That was with my 25% off coupon but still, $19.99 is the normal price, you can't beat that. The 12 salads plates are only $16.99. They are so simple, perfect for me.

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Chris said...

Nice plates...can't wait to use them.