Friday, September 4, 2009

Ugh boredom... I am on my first night of my looooong weekend, on the couch blogging, watching Criminal Minds (my new fav show) and eating my pepperoni calzone. I am bored out of my mind. Why I am sitting here, well instead of going to the I Cubs game with Joe and friends, I was fearful of an allergic breakout :( I kind of feel like Nancy Drew trying to diagnois myself with my allergies, a few nights ago I thought it was tomatos, which obviously I don't think its that anymore, since I devoured my tomatoey pepperoni Calzone :) I guess we will just call it medical testing, lets see what happens. But really, I think it might be my shower gel, which is weird since the breakouts started after I have used almost the whole bottle...hmm so many things...whats it going to be...Ok all this allergy talk is TMI. Here is my yummy calzone which in now in my tummy.


LOOK my couch partner fell asleep with her tongue out...too cute.
Sooo long weekend...these are my plans...CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN...that is actually what I should be doing right now, but my procrastination is getting the best of me :)
In addition to cleaning I think some baking is in order...I am thinking pumpkin cookies from Martha Stewart Cookies... they have been calling my name.
Weekend plans

  • Clean
  • bake
  • grocery store
  • date night (Joe isn't aware of this but he is going to take me on a date)
  • dog park
  • maybe a little shopping :)
  • find my camera battery (probably find when cleaning)

Ok enough blogging about my boring night...



Chris said...

Hope the allergic reactions cease and desist. Just thankful you aren't considering me as the trigger.

Nice blog.

And nice calzone.

Now I'm hungry.

dkamfam said...

Sounds like a relaxing night. Boring isn't always bad, right? Hope you got your cleaning done!