Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1/2 My List Done, More to Come

  • Clean
  • bake
  • grocery store
  • date night (Joe isn't aware of this but he is going to take me on a date)
  • dog park
  • maybe a little shopping :)
  • find my camera battery (probably find when cleaning)
Ok not everything off my list. But I did get a date night :) Joe and I didn't see a movie we wanted to go see but we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for some BBQ...It was pretty good, not as good as my fav Woody's Smoke Shack but tasty.

I didn't get to the Dog P-A-R-K either (I have to spell it out or Maddie will go crazy!! But I did finally get her out on a walk. I have been avoiding walks because of my allergies and cough. Makes me weezy...

I went to the allergist yesterday. They decided I didn't need to do allergy testing again so thats good. Family doc today...finally got some strong cough I am getting better!!!


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