Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well......I have never blogged before. I have had my blog account for a couple years now and have never done anything with it. I haven't really taken the time to learn how to use it, until now. I have been inspired by my friend Kari M. I love reading her updates and how everything is going and pics of Alexa! :)

What's new with me??
  • I have been working out! running and pilates - end goal...being healthier
  • I started a gratitude journal
  • I cleaned part of my apartment!!! (a huge accomplishment)
  • I went ice skating for the first time and didn't fall once, so in the spring I will have to get out my rollerblades and give them another try
  • Girl Scout Ice Cream is back!! YUM

Please save my blog in your favorites and I will try to update when I can...


Nicky said...

awww.. good for you! pilates and working out. so proud of you!

Nicky said...

what is a gratitude journal? well.. duh... that's cool..

veena said...

Great idea...this way we can just know about each other business w/o asking =)